Financial advisors who use Constant Contact or MailChimp can now easily import Advisor Products content into email newsletters. Our Financial Advisor Content Marketing System is now integrated with Constant Contact And MailChimp.

Advisor Products makes educational articles and videos that wealthy investors need to know about. Now, advisors can automatically populate emails newsletters built using Constant Contact or MailChimp with FINRA-reviewed content from Advisor Products.

When your email newsletter recipients click on a headline to read more about a financial tip, a browser opens with the full article on your website, and your website contains links to “research reports” that can be downloaded by visitors who submit their contact information or connect with you on social media. This lets you to begin a long-term conversation with more people by using educational content about retirement income planning, why a financial advice fiduciary is different from other advisors, quarterly investment performance in the context of long-term trends, and other topics transparency and consistent with best practices in the profession.

The Financial Advisor Content Marketing System is a sophisticated online marketing solution well suited for  financial advice fiduciaries that manage broadly diversified portfolios of index funds or ETFs and that also provide financial planning services.

Advisor Products content is based on best practices taught by thought leaders in the financial advice profession at continuing professional education webinars produced weekly by Advisors4Advisors, an affiliate of Advisor Products.

The Financial Advisor Content Marketing System is best used to augment original content that an advisor publishes in a blog  with original financial content optimized for search engines with your location and key search terms. And even if you do not produce any content of your own, it will boost your website traffic and let you automate creating email newsletters in Constant Contact and MailChimp.

The vast majority of advisors do not have time to do the research, analysis, and creative work necessary to produce great articles and videos.  The Financial Advisor Content Marketing System is designed to maximize the benefit of personalizing a 140-character status update.  Inserting  your local and topical search phrases in status updates helps boost your search engine ranking and the links in your status updates to an article or video we have produced for you and placed on your website.

The Financial Advisor Content Marketing Systems helps boost your search engine ranking for your local and topical search phrases, and it differentiates you by communicating meaningful financial knowledge that educates consumers and provides transparency about the way you practice.