The uproar over fakenews signals a new era that puts advisors who are trusted for authoritative financial news in the driver’s seat.

Independent economist Fritz Meyer, low-cost investing expert Dr. CraigIsraelsen, and tax and financial planning guru Robert Keebler, CPA/PFA, provide us content we submit to FINRA and make available to advisors to distribute to clients in videos, articles, scripts, tweets, blogs, and email newsletters. It's real objective analysis, authoritativefacts, and uncommon knowledge —  the currency of the Internet.

Financial advisors using our news stream are able to distribute breaking news analysis not available in the national media. The local press and people in your social networks will follow your news stream because it is worthwhile. If content indeed is king, we are giving advisors the keys to the kingdom.

Advisor Products Inc.'s (API) worldwide team of writers, video editors, computer programmers, voice actors and creative geeks canbuild your reputation online as an authoritative source of breaking news.

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