Smart Marketing For Tough Times

I received a call from an advisor last Friday that taught me a lesson, one that perhaps many advisors can also learn from.

The call was from a longtime client of Advisor Products. We don’t speak often, but I
always enjoy it when we do.

On Friday, she opened my eyes to the fact that Advisor Products needs to do more to educate advisors about what we offer. So I’m going to host a monthly webinar about how Advisor Products helps advisory firms retain clients and gain prospects.
Please join me for the first session Wednesday, April 15 at 4 p.m.

Back to the lesson I learned and how you might be able to learn from it.

The advisor who called me is responsible for marketing at the firm, but she didn't know about important ways we could help her firm.

She didn’t know we just completed an interface with the CRM software used by her firm (
XLR8) that enables her firm to assign her clients To-Dos in XLR8 and programmatically update them in a client’s personal portal. She didn’t know that Advisor Products 18 months ago more than doubled the number of articles available for newsletters and websites from 20 a quarter to 50. She didn’t know we now provide marketing videos or that we added search engine marketing services.

Advisor Products constantly updates advisors about how to benefit from what we do via:

  • MarketingSmart, an email newsletter with updates on all new services and advisor marketing tips

  • My blog, which I post almost every day

  • The weekly Financial Crisis Webinars Series that helps advisors manage the wrenching downturn

  • A sales team tasked with calling each of our clients every six months

  • A CRM system that records all email correspondence with each client and stores notes by our staff about every phone call

  • A “BackOffice” for each advisory firm to manage their newsletter and website and that prominently displays updates about our products and my blog

The list could go on but there’s no need to beat the point to death.

My point is that advisors are so overwhelmed, they are finding it difficult to know what information is important. You've had to deal with a financial disaster that's devastated client portfolios and slashed your income. You have too much to read, some of your clients have been nasty, and you are working harder than ever but earning less.

It’s no wonder that you cant find the time to read our email newsletters, visit my blog, attend our webinars, or spend time with someone from Advisors Products. It’s no wonder you don’t know where to focus your attention.

And that's why Advisor Products is stepping up. We understand the challenges you face and we will help you respond. Please lean on Advisor Products. Call me, call our staff, and let us know what we need to do to help you.

Advisor Products is a very different company than it was a few years ago. We've got an entirely new staff, are more efficient, and have launched new products like AdvisorVault and Online Reporting for the two major portfolio accounting applications, and we are helping advisors utilize social networking for marketing. We’ve created unique systems to lighten your workload while communicating more often with clients.

Please tell us which marketing solutions you want to hear about at our MarketingSmart Forum.

And think about whether you are doing the same with your clients. Are you doing everything you can to communicate with clients? Are you showing them you care? Are you squeezing all you can from every marketing dollar you spend?

All of the marketing vehicles Advisor Products uses to communicate with advisors are available to you to communicate with your firm's clients—webinars, blogs, email newsletters, and all the other vehicles. Use them!

Allow us speak the words your clients need to hear right now. Let us provide you with technology to save time and money.

We’re here for you. Come to our session Wednesday at 4 p.m. EDT.

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