The Best Advisor Websites To Automate Client Engagement

Eighty-percent of advisors want to spend no time updating their website, but they still want a dynamic, engaging and cool presence online.

If you’re in that group, here’s the default content calendar with FA Marketing Engine 3.0. (FAME) 

Calendar For Automating Advisors’ Content Stream 

The content calendar shows default settings in FAME to automate client engagement. These settings are recommended and can be changed in our content marketing platform. Since  advisors are naïve online marketers, we recommend using the default settings in the content calendar.

How To Read The Automated Content Calendar

On Friday nights, with FAME 3.0, an email newsletter gets sent to all your contacts. The article is posted simultaneously on your website’s Featured News page. The article headline and a large banner associated with the article are updated on your website’s home page banner. That banner is big and changes the look of your website  every week. Also on Friday nights, your social network connections are updated with a tweet, a message up to 140 characters, along with an associated image linking back to your website to read the article. Some contacts prefer email and others tweets. Some are on Facebook and others are Twitter or LinkedIn. Serving news about wealth management via a menu of digital channels lets your friends, relatives, prospects, colleagues, and clients consume the information the way they want. A weekly touch is not a lot. Your contacts can opt out and stop receiving your emails, tweets, and updates anytime. Sharing once a week is just fine. If they're busy, they won't read it. Don't take it personally.      

Automated Inbound Marketing Campaigns For Advisors

On Tuesdays, a new video is posted to your You Tube channel. Videos like this are the basis of inbound marketing campaigns that are updated weekly automatically. Here’s how that works.

A new video about long-term wealth management is posted to your YouTube (YT) channel every week. If you don't have a YT channel, we set one up for you

The headline and thumbnail image of each video are fed from YT into a widget on the side of every page of your website automatically every week. On your website, instead of "Sign Up For An Email Newsletter," a different headline and thumbnail invites sign-ups to your weekly wealth management videos.

Videos Are A Widget In Email Newsletters

The video’s headline and thumbnail image are embedded in your email newsletters as a widget. We set it up once and you don't do anything.

Monthly Financial Planning Email Newsletter

By default, a new financial planning article is posted three times a month to your website and the three financial planning articles are emailed in a e-newsletter at the end of every month.

When The Market Breaks

When the market plunges, many of the 80% of advisors who wanted to do no work on updating their website suddenly want to be able to update their websites. No problem. That’s the beauty of the platform we have built. While it can be used by advisors who don’t want to update their websites, once in a while you will want to send a newsletter, post a blog, or tweet out something urgent. Our platform is enables the most sophisticated online marketing tasks when automated content isn’t enough.


Malware Alerts For Advisors
Yes, Canned Content For Advisors Can Be Uncanned

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