What price fame? Some pay with their lives; others with integrity. Fortunately, Financial Advisor Marketing Engine (FAME) is relatively affordable. In fact, the cost of FAME is 50% less than buying a la carte.  

If you’re a CFP, CPA, CIMA, ChFC, CLU, EA, CFA or other financial professional, and you want to write a blog every week or produce a quarterly webinar about fundamentals driving your investment advice, independent Fritz Meyer’s monthly slides are just $500 a year; Dr. Craig Israelsen’s monthly lessons asset allocation and diversification are $600 a year.  you’re looking for tax and financial planning presentations, CPA Bob Keebler’s monthly slide presentations are $500 a year. Those are the prices if you buy a la carte.

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Online Subscription System

You can buy the monthly slides that delivered at webinars by Fritz Meyer, Dr. Craig Israelsen, and CPA Bob Keebler on our online suibscription system. It's easy.

Just click on Sign Up to create an acocunt. After you verify your account by clicking on a link emailed to you, you will be ablve to click on the subscription links in the table above to buy our solutions a la carte menu. Each row in the table above contains a link to a la carte subscriptions for each of the products shown.

A La Carte Subscriptions To Advisor Content For Clients


Financial Advisor Marketing Engine (FAME)

Financial Advisor Marketing Engine (FAME) is Advisor Products’ integrated platform.

FAME is all of the educational content for clients sold a la carte plus in addition to the presentations, FAME includes an integrated social networking dashboard, integrated YouTube channel updated weekly, integrated email newsletter for 2500 recipients, and WYSIWYG editor for your website, integrated home-page content rotator, and e-Newsletter, instant website archiving, integrated, and customized to your compliance workflow and your branding. The price of FAME is at a 50% discount to buying a la carte.

FAME costs $3600 a year and $3000 to set up. Upgrading existing website clients is $2000. (Offer good through September 15.)

lf you add up the prices of the components of FAME, the total a la carte price comes to $7200 a year versus $3600 for FAME.

There are some setup fees for FAME because the widgets for your email newsletter and website must be customized with calls to action to engage your ideal clients, but it’s a lot of value for $3600 a year.  


Note: We recommend advisors using our content disclose that the data is complied by Fritz Meyer, an indepndent economist and the senior invetsment strategists at one of the world's largest invetsment companies  for a decade before going independent in 2009; Bob Keebler, CPA/PFS, who has educated legal, acocunting and financial planning professionals for over 30 years; or Dr. Craig Israelsen, an independent economist (and an expert on low-cost investing and  Modern Portfolio Theory who has taught family financial management to colllege and graduate students for over two decades.) The fact that you are using our data and analysis is an asset, not a liability. Fritz Bob and Craig are not selling any financial products. They are independent, like you. Credit their ideas and observations but also take credit for your opinions.