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The content you share with clients is based on weekly continuing professoinal education programming.   

CFP, CPA/PFS, CIMA, ChFC, CLU, EA and other professionals get continuing education credit for attending monthly webinars by economist Fritz Meyer, MPT expert Dr. Craig Israelsen, and tax and financial planning expert Robert Keebler.



Fritz Meyer
Independent Economist and Market Analyst
Former Senior Market Strategist, Invesco Aim Management Group, Inc.

As an independent economist and market analyst, as well as former Invesco primary economic and markets analyst, Fritz Meyer provides weekly and monthly updates for investment professionals and their clients. He has been a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and Fox Business Network and has often been quoted in business publications. He specializes in speaking, in-person, to financial advisors and their clients. Mr. Meyer most recently spent 15 years with Invesco and his investment career spans the last 35 years. He has managed large-cap equity mutual funds and multi-cap equity and fixed-income client portfolios.

Meyer's analysis is published monthly in 70 PowerPoint slides that can advisors re-purpose and brand for use in client meetings, webinars, newsletters, and blog posts. Learn more here.


Craig Israelsen
Principal, Target Data Anaytics LLC
Developer of 7Twelve Portfolio Group, Inc.

Craig L. Israelsen, Ph.D, is an Executive-in-Residence in the Financial Planning Program at Utah Valley University (UVU) in Orem, Utah. He holds a Ph.D. in Family Resource Management from Brigham Young University (BYU). He received a B.S. in Agribusiness and a M.S. in Agricultural Economics from Utah State University. Primary among his research interests is the analysis of mutual funds and the design of investment portfolios. He writes monthly for Financial Planning magazine and is a regular contributor to the Journal of Indexes and Dr. Israelsen is the developer of 7Twelve Portfolio and the author of three books. He is also a principal at Target Date Analytics LLC, a firm that has developed indexes for the benchmarking and evaluation of target date/lifecycle funds.

Financial advisors adhering to Modern Portfolio Theory and designing broadly diversified portfolios based on strategic asset allocation use Prof. Israelsen’s quarterly slide presentations to explain timely investment topics to clients. Each presentation is branded to your firm.


Robert Keebler
Partner, Keebler & Asscociates, LLP
2007 Accredited Estate Planners recipient

Bob Keebler is a partner with Keebler & Associates and is a 2007 recipient of the prestigious Accredited Estate Planners (Distinguished) award from the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils. He has been named by CPA Magazine as of the the Top 100 Most Influential Practitioners in the United States and one of the Top 40 Tax Advisors to Know During a Recession. He is the author of over 100 articles and columns and is the editor, author or co-author of many books and treatises on wealth transfer and taxation. Mr. Keebler has been a speaker at national estate planning and tax seminars for over 20 years including the AICPA's: Estate Planning, High Income, Advanced Financial Planning Conferences, ABA Conferences, NAPEC Conferences, The Notre Dame Estate Planning Conference and the Heckerling Estate Planning Institute.

Bob Keebler explains income and estate tax strategies as well as IRA rules in a monthly slide presentation. You can use the slides from the monthly presentations as the basis for your own webinars seminars, newsletters, blog posts, and social media content as well as in client meetings.


Shehriyar Antia
Lead Market Stragetist, Macro Insight Group
Former Senior Portfolio Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Shehriyar Antia is the lead market strategist at Macro Insight Group (MIG). Prior to founding MIG in 2014, Antia spent 10 years as a Senior Analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where he worked extensively on monetary policy tools and the Fed's QE programs. MIG provides unbiased investment strategy to professionals based on independent analysis of U.S. and global macro trends, central bank policy, and capital markets. Shehriyar is a regular contributor to Institutional Investor and his work has been featured in Barron’s, Bloomberg and


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