Economist Fritz Meyer, Prof. Craig Israelsen, and tax expert Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS, teach classes monthly on Advisors4Advisors, a continuing professional education portal.

Their presentations and a Quarterly Market Summary with scripts and graphics by Andy Gluck and Fritz Meyer can be purchased a la carte below.

In addition, Keebler, Israelsen, and Meyer's monthly presentations are bundled into advisor websites and client portals:
Financial Advisor Marketing Engine
Financial Advisor Communication Suite



Quarterly Market Summary


The Quarterly Market Summary (QMS) that Fritz Meyer and Andrew Gluck create collaboratively reviews market and economic news of the past quarter, 12 months, and five years. The difference between this and the $600 a year version of Fritz’s slides is that QMS gives you a script and multiple short presentations. Originally created as a companion to quarterly performance statements, advisors use QMS in client meetings as well as webinars and seminars. You can also use QMS to create blog posts and newsletter articles.

Pick graphics you like, add a disclosure saying the data was researched by independent economist Fritz Meyer and a veteran financial reporter. People don’t care if you don’t write it yourself. They just want good information. If you have the good sense to send content of substance instead of the usual canned articles, it inures to your benefit.

Unlike any other marketing vendor, Advisor Products content shares your values. QMS is written from the perspective of a fiduciary who invests the core of client portfolios based on Modern Portfolio Theory base on economic fundamentals. Our target market are professionals: CFPs, CFAs, CPAs, CIMAs, CPWAs, ChFCs, CLUs, EAs, and financial advice professionals.


Fritz Meyer's Monthly Slide Shows

After 15 years as investment strategist at Invesco, Fritz Meyer teamed up with Advisor Products and Advisors4Advisors to provide institutional-quality economic research to independent advisors. Advisors have called him "a national treasure."

Meyer's analysis is updated and published monthly in 60 PowerPoint slides. Advisors re-purpose and brand them for use in client meetings, webinars, newsletters, and blog posts.

The editable presentations contain dozens of tables and charts. Slides guide advisors through illustrated analysis of key economic data and their effects on investment strategy.

Targeted to advisors utilizing broadly diversified portfolios and strategic asset allocation, you can purchase Fritz Meyer's slide shows for $600 a year.

The slides are made available on the second Tuesday of every month.

For an additional $60 annually, you can join Advisors4Advisors and gain access to 24/7 replays of Meyer's monthly webinars and receive CFP and IMCA CE credit on demand.

Fritz Meyer content is also used as the basis for articles and videos that can be posted to your website every month automatically.


Bob Keebler’s Monthly Tax Analysis And Explanation

Backed by a team of tax professionals at Keebler & Tax & Wealth Education, Inc., Bob Keebler explains income and estate tax strategies as well as IRA rules in a monthly slide presentation. Keebler’s monthly webinars about tax minimization strategies are more important than ever because tax rates have risen.

You can use the slides from the monthly presentations as the basis for your own webinars seminars, newsletters, blog posts, and social media content as well as in client meetings. They are available for $600 a year.

Creating valuable content for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) that you target is crucial to success in search engine optimization and social media marketing. Keebler's slides makes it much easier to create content for clients and prospects that is valuable and timely.

For an additional $60 annually, you can become a member of Advisors4Advisors and receive CFP Board and IMCA continuing education credit 24/7 on replays of Keebler's sessions and other weekly webinars conducted by A4A for practitioners. CPAs can receive CPE credit for attending live sessions.

In addition, Advisor Products summarizes Keebler's tax planning strategies in monthly articles and videos intended for clients and that can be posted to advisor websites and creates a social content media stream targeted to ultra-HNWIs.


Craig Israelsen's Presentations

Craig L. Israelsen, Ph.D., is one of the nation’s foremost academics in the field of indexes and passive investing. His monthly slide presentations help financial advisors communicate about timely topics in strategic asset allocation and can be used in blog posts, newsletters, webinars, and client meetings.

Financial advisors adhering to Modern Portfolio Theory and designing broadly diversified portfolios based on strategic asset allocation use Prof. Israelsen’s monthly slide presentations to explain timely investment topics to clients.

Israelsen delivers the presentation at a monthly webinar at You can attend his monthly webinars and receive CE credit for all of his session by joining A4A for $60 a year.

An Associate Professor at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, he teaches Personal and Family Finance to over 1,200 students each year.

Israelsen has devised a multi-asset balanced portfolio, the 7Twelve Portfolio. The 7 represents the suggested number of asset classes to include in a portfolio, while 12 represents specific mutual funds or exchange-traded funds used to invest across all seven asset classes.

Unlike a traditional two-asset, 60/40 balanced fund, the 7Twelve balanced strategy utilizes multiple asset classes to enhance performance and reduce risk. Approximately 65% of the portfolio is invested in equity and diversifying assets while about 35% is invested in bonds and cash.


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