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Can I subscribe to the PDF Newsletter service without receiving hardcopies?

How much storage does each client have in the Client Vault?

How do I create internal hyperlinks on my site?

How can I make the text on my site have the same font style?

How can I format images which are placed into my site?

Can I add Google Analytics to my website?

Do you have generic descriptions for content pages provided by Advisor Products?

Who is liable if someone hacks into our Vault? What happens if an account is compromised?

How does website archiving work?

Can I upload a video to my Designer Series or Template website?

Will Advisor Products be offering new design templates for their Designer Series Website?

How long will it take for my website to go live once the okay is given to Advisor Products?

Will I be charged a fee of $75 to switch out an article from my Template Newsletter if my company does not endorse or sell the product being referenced in the article?

How can I add videos to pages of my website?

How do I create clients in bulk?

Why were my clients not created using Bulk Client Creation?

What is the Investments directory in my Template Folder Structure?

What is the Portfolio_XML_Reports directory?

How do I customize a client's Vault directory structure?

Can I add a global e-mail address to be used for e-mail archiving purposes?

What is common practice for setting up the Advisor / Client Relationship?

Can a client Vault be associated with multiple e-mail addresses for couples or families?

Are there typical naming conventions that we can use for our client usernames?

Are there restrictions on file types (.mp3, .doc, .xls, etc.) that can be uploaded?

What can we include in the Brochure design?

In what file format will you provide the final logo files?

Our new site is live, but we're not seeing our new website on our internal computers. What can I do?

How can I begin using my e-newsletter?

I use API’s mailing service for my newsletters. To whom do I send my mailing list each quarter?

Pressing Upload Reports in the Left Navigation returns message "This feature is not available"

Can I send a New Client welcome e-mail at a later time?

Are general instructions available to send to clients that are having trouble logging in?

How should I welcome my clients into the Vault and how can I follow up to see if they've successfully logged in?

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How do I claim my Google Places business profile?

Why am I unable to open my uploaded PDF file? Error: File does not begin with '%PDF-'

In PortfolioCenter while using the Enhanced Reports, the exported files do not follow the naming convention compatible with the AdvisorVault. How do I fix this?

Downloading pdfs in IE9 leads to blank screen?

How does the AdvisorVault handle account logins through the browser?

How do I make the client AdvisorVault Home page display the portfolio reports I uploaded for them?

Is there a default Session Timeout time due to inactivity?

How do I create new E-mail Templates?

How do I make it easier for my clients to find their uploaded PDF Performance Report files?

Are calculators FINRA reviewed?

How do I reduce the size of my photos for use on my website?

How do I stop clients from uploading documents to AdvisorVault?

I am using XML portfolio reporting in AdvisorVault, how do I hide some of the reports?

How can I stop clients from creating professional accounts?

How can I block clients from editing their profile information?

How do I let my clients see their Albridge portfolio reports in AdvisorVault?

Make sure your Google Places address is hidden if you don't service clients at the address you entered.

Why do my clients see the AdvisorVault Login screen in when using the Safari browser

What types of files can I bulk upload using Upload Reports in AdvisorVault?

AVDC: .tmp File Created When Drag and Dropping from AVDC

How can I resend my Welcome e-mail to a client that did not receive the initial e-mail?

How do I update a client vault username?

How can I upload a document and link to it from one of my website's pages

Pre-Sales FAQ

You need to check in an article or module before editing it.

1) Via the BackOffice, in the text editor, add the text you want to hyperlink (example: Who We Are) and then select it with your mouse. Click on the tool in the 3rd row, second section (looks like 3 chain links) and a pop-up window will appear.

We’ll use this URL as an example: We Are1

2) Remove everything at the beginning of the URL, up to and including .com (
3) Before the remaining URL /whoweare.aspx?spid=3841&Title=Who We Are1 add two periods: ..
4) The remaining URL will look like this: ../whoweare.aspx?spid=3841&Title=Who We Are1
5) Then click “ok” at the bottom of the page

When the site goes live, the internal links will then remain, connecting to the correct pages. The link will also work if the firm ever changes the main URL of your site.
In the admin menu at left, the “Visual Settings” tab can be used to create a style sheet for all of the content on the site (fonts, colors, sizes, etc.) Then, using the text editor for each page, in the top row of tools, the sixth graphic is of a whisk broom which can be used to strip out any formatting using the Font, Span, and Word options in the pop-up box. Once this is used for the content on each page of the site, any content imported into the site will match the established style settings.

Once the external formatting has been removed, the text can be reviewed and ensured it is laid out correctly in the text editor.

The default “viewing” font in the BackOffice is 10 pt Arial – however the style sheet will ensure the fonts appear correctly on the live site.
Using the text editor, right-clicking on the images you have placed into the site, and at the bottom of the pop-up menu is "image properties" - select this option.

Another pop-up box will appear which will allow for formatting of image placement, size, borders, spacing, alignment, etc. to ensure the image appears correctly and to your satisfaction. If you are uploading new images to your website, know that the size of the image file will affect how fast that page on your site will load. Photo files from most digital cameras are very very large (3-5 megabyte) and should be reduced to less than 75-100k prior to uploading them. Reducing the pixel dimensions of the image to the size needed on the website is a good way to start. You can also use this online service, but you may have to experiment a little to see which quality level works best for the photo. If you need help reducing the size of the photo file, please contact and someone can help you.

To begin, you’ll need to set-up an account with Google at and placed into each content page of your site via the ‘Edit Properties’ tool in the navigation column at left in the BackOffice. Alternately, you can provide the corresponding code to our developers ( and they'll add it using your annual service time.

On custom websites, our developers can add the code to the master file for the entire site which will track visits to every page of the site.

Additional instructions can be found here:

Featured News Page
Exclusive in-depth personal finance news articles about cutting edge planning strategies and investment ideas for people like you.

Financial Briefs Page
Financial articles which are prepared each month in an easy-to-read format covering a variety of topics.

Articles of Interest Page
Articles which are gathered from across the web covering a wide range of topics we feel can be useful to your current state of financial affairs.

Financial Calculators Page
25 Java-based financial calculators which calculate various scenarios to help you consider options for your financial plans.

Market Data Bank Page
Six charts using Standard and Poor's data offering an in-depth graphical view of performance in the previous quarter and valuation measures.

Stock Quotes Page
Stock quotes and indices, market and stock news, UPI, US, world, and business news, updated throughout the day.

Web Links Page
A selection of external websites which may be useful for your investments and financial planning.

Check My Account Page
This is the gateway to your account information hosted by our custodian.
Website archiving allows your firm to keep copies of every page on your site in .html format.

For websites on the platinum level, archiving is automatically turned on at the launch of your website.

For websites with gold licenses, archiving your website must be done manually through the website BackOffice. We recommend that the created .zip file of your site be saved to your local system.

For websites on silver licenses, archiving is not available. To purchase, please contact our marketing team at 516-333-0066 x 223.

For firms associated with compliance using our BackOffice compliance engine and sites with Platinum licensing, archiving occurs automatically every time changes are made to the site. An automated email is sent to you when the Archive .zip file is ready for download via the BackOffice.

Storage of the archive files is kept on Advisor Products' servers as a courtesy for at least the past three (3) months. Storage beyond three months is not guaranteed, and is dependent on overall storage capacity of our servers. Access to files after three months will incur a service fee.

Website archiving can also be manually scheduled via the BackOffice for routine archiving which can serve as a system restore for your site to ensure the site is preserved at particular time points.

Advisor Products recommends downloading the archived files via the BackOffice on at least a quarterly basis, to ensure your firm has proper back-up files of the site.

You may want to check with your compliance officer and/or legal advisor on storage requirements and frequency of updating archive files.

If you encounter any difficulties with the archiving process or have further questions, please contact our service team at

Yes. HOWEVER, please note that all videos can only be uploaded to content areas. Videos cannot be uploaded to banners in either website.
Yes. We will be unveiling new design motiffs in the coming months. For more information please contact your project manager, or advisor products at 516-333-0066.
It should take no more than 24hs for your website to go live once the okay is given to Advisor Products. If your website needs to be reviewed by compliance, please allow for 3-5 business days as API cannot take your website live before compliance approval has been made.
To get additional information about the failed Tweet to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, go to the History tab of of Social Media Dashboard and hover the mouse over the Result column text ( Send Failed in blue in the rightmost column). The additonal information will be displayed.

1) Log in to
2) Click Admin in the left menu
3) Click Social Media in the lower Admin menu.
4) Click the History tab in the Social Media Dashboard.
5) Mouse-over the value in the Result column to see additional information.

If an authentication error occurred recconnecting to the social media network usually fixes the problem. Go to the Configuration tab and disconnect and then reconnect to the social media network that had the failure.

The temporary password expiration period can be set to up to 72 hours.

Though this is not recommended by Advisor Products for security reasons some advisors have asked to extend the temporary password expiration period.

To extend the expiration period do the following:

  1. Log-in as Advisor Admin and click on Edit Profile.
  2. Check the Change "Password Expiration Duration" checkbox and fill in the number of hours ( up to 72 )
  3. Click Update to save your settings
  4. Once you have changed the settings please remember to update the email template for the Welcome message and Password Reset message to reflect the updated expiration period.
You can resend the "Welcome" email to a client so they can get a new temporary password.
  • Click on Manage Clients
  • Select the client and click on edit
  • Check the Resend Welcome E-mail check box
  • Click Update
Please note that you do not get an option to edit the email when it is being resent.
To allow a "Professional" user of your firm's vault to see documents in the Shared Document folder do the following:
  • Log in as Advisor Admin
  • Click on Documents
  • Pull down the action list next to the Shared Document folder and select Manage Permissions
  • Click New->Add User in the header of the list of users
  • In Add Users select the professional you want to give the permission to, and in give permission click view
  • Click the Add button at the bottom of the page
The professional will then be able to view the shared folder when they log in to AdvisorVault.
The storage amount for each client can be set by the advisor when each client vault is created, unless performing a bulk client creation.

When using bulk client creation, all clients will share the available Vault storage space (which is 2000 MB with performance reporting capabilities, and 3000 MB if it does include performance reporting capabilities.)
In the contract you signed with Advisor Products when purchasing the Vault, the topic of liability is addressed, outlining the responsibility and role of Advisor Products. We recommend reviewing that information and contacting us if you have any further questions.

In the event of a system breach, we will notify you and, with your assistance send the proper notification to your clients. We will also notify the appropriate authorities, if required. We recommend that you contact your legal advisor and determine what precautions and contingency plans need to be in place for your clients’ records.
While logged in as the Advisor Admin account, you can create clients in bulk through Manage Clients > Bulk Client Creation. Download and save a local copy of the Excel template to your computer. Following the instructions on the first sheet in the file, enter up to 150 new clients into the BulkClient sheet. After the file has been populated with the account information for your clients, select the Excel file in the Bulk Client Creation screen to upload it to our server. All bulk client uploads are processed overnight and e-mail notification is sent to the Advisor Admin letting them know of all successful client creations. In the case of any errors, you will be notified and the accounts may not have been created. Please address the errors and re-upload a new bulk client Excel file to be processed or contact Advisor Products for assistance.
If the Excel file was uploaded on the same day, please wait until overnight for the file to be processed and an e-mail notification will be delivered to the Advisor Admin account. Other possible reasons why a client may not be created using the Bulk Client Creation are the following: 1) The Advisor Field must be populated with the Advisor's username. If the AdvisorVault cannot find a valid Advisor account based on the provided username, it will not be able to create and associate the new client account. 2) Required fields were not populated. Not all fields are required but information like the client's E-mail address must be included. 3) Special characters were used in the new client's username.
The Investments directory is a special reserved folder used by the AdvisorVault for our Performance Reporting module. If you have not added the Performance Reporting module to your Vault, the Investments directory may be deleted from the Template Folder structure similar to deleting any other folders under Modify Template Folders. We have recently added the ability to remove the Investments directory from your Template Folder structure as well as from all client's Vaults if it is not being used. Please contact us at for assistance. If the Performance Reporting module has been enabled for your Vault, this folder cannot be deleted and must remain including its two sub folders (Portfolio and Portfolio_XML_Reports). Any PDF reports uploaded using this module must be placed within the folder Portfolio or a respective sub folder. All XML reports will automatically be placed within the client's Vault under Portfolio_XML_Reports.
The Portfolio_XML_Reports directory is used by our Performance Reporting Module. Any XML dynamic reports uploaded to the Vault will utilize this directory in each respective client's Vault to store their account information and reports. The directory is not visible to the client as the data stored is instead displayed as graphs and charts under Portfolio Reports.
After a client Vault has been created using the Template Folder structure, it can be customized independently from the Template Folder and any other client Vaults. Simply find the respective client's Vault under Documents and the Advisor's username that it is associated with. All client Vaults will be listed by their username. Any directories added or removed will only apply to that individual client's Vault. For this reason since all clients may have unique and customized Vault folder structures, it is not possible to remove a folder in bulk. As a precaution, when creating clients using the Template Folder structure, make sure it has been reviewed and finalized first.
The AdvisorVault login screen requires cookies to be working for the login to AdvisorVault to complete.

Safari will not accept cookies from AdvisorVault that is framed into Personal Portals until the client has visited AdvisorVault directly in their browser at Once that has happened the client can then log into their portal and their vault should be visible.

The e-newsletter product is available for use once your website is live.
If you have a new website, the e-newsletter will become function once the site is launched. For existing websites, the e-newsletter will be active once added to your website.

We have six different graphics which can be customized and added to your site, allowing visitors to your site to sign up to receive the e-newsletter when you distribute it.

If you have an existing client list which you want to import into the system, we recommend using an excel file with three fields (first name, last name, and email address).

The training video in the BackOffice will walk you through the set-up of an e-newsletter and if you need further assistance feel free to contact our developers via email at and they will help you set up the first e-newsletter message and send it out.
Advisor Products currently offers nine different brochure motifs, each which can be modified to match the colors of your firm's brand.

Please provide your firm's Logo (logo files should be full-color, high-resolution, suitable for print - 300dpi or better – preferred file formats are vectored .eps or .tif.)
If you have any questions regarding the format, resolution or size of the file, feel free to contact your project manager.

• Your disclosure text (please include the exact text required to be included at the bottom on the last page of the brochure)

We can swap out any or all of the default images in each design either from out image library ( or from iStockPhoto (

Addition options for a Choice Brochure include:

• Your photo (images should be full-color, high-resolution and suitable for print - 300dpi or better – preferred file formats are .eps, .tif.)
If you have any questions regarding the format, resolution or size of the file, feel free to contact your project manager.
• Your bio for inclusion on the last page of the brochure, should be no more than 300 words.

Your bio text and photo are included as standard features in an Elite Brochure.
Yes. Advisor Products offers a PDF-only Custom Newsletter option. For more information, please contact
On average there will be 12-15 new articles posted each month. If you need additional information please contact Brien Shanahan, Editorial Manager at
Yes. If want to change your newsletter target (i.e. from General to Business Owner), please email and request the change at the beginning of the up coming quarter. There is a $300 one-time charge to change the target.
Our printers are willing to print directly on the newsletter, or to labels. We advise that our clients allow our printers print directly to the newsletter itself.
Advisor Products will provide a compressed file which contains your logo in color and black & white, saved in various file formats for your records.

Also included will be a style sheet which features the logo, the pantone colors and font used in the new design for your reference.

AI = Adobe Illustrator – This is the original art the logo was created in. This is the MASTER copy.
BMP – This is a low resolution format good for web & email proposes
EPS – This is a vector format file that is was “created to outline” and is usually used for high resolution printing. This will be an artist’s first choice when designing a marketing piece and is best for print products.
GIF – This is a transparent web file
JPG – This is a low resolution format good for web & email proposes
PDF – This is a low resolution format good for web & email proposes
TIF – This is a high resolution file good for MS Office templates (ie word, excel, powerpoint, etc) and in-house printing on laser & inkjet printers.

We recommend making a backup copy of the final files, or burn them to a CD for archival purposes.

If you need the logo created in an alternate file format, we can create them as well.
We are implementing FAME with almost all new advisors and strongly recommend adopting that package. FAME engages up to 2500 email recipients, while the standalone email newsletter is limited to 1000. FAME is built to give you 150% more opens, leads, and engagement than the standalone newsletter. The law of large numbers makes the chance of success much better. In addition, these 16 features integrated into FAME and FACS are not available with the standalone email newsletter and website with no content:
1.      Calendar widget allowing clients and prospects to set up a meeting at your office or using GoToMeeting from your email newsletter.
2.      Event widget letting email recipients and visitors to your website to sign up for webinars, client appreciation events.  
3.      Multiple advisors can manage their own contact lists in aggregate totaling 2500 emails
4.      Each advisor can have his own headshot and personal Facebook, Linked, and Twitter accounts in emails for recipients to connect with you
5.      Weekly videos that you can narrate or use our voiceover
6.      API's Articles And Other Content On Your Website                                                    
7.      Auto-Posting Videos To YouTube, Email Newsletters, and Blog                                               
8.      Daily Tweets To LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook                                                       
9.      Quarterly Automated Lead Generation Campaigns                                                    
10.   Scripted 20-Slide Quarterly Market Summary PowerPoint                                                        
11.   Fritz Meyer's Monthly Slides                                               
12.   Craig Israelsen Monthly Slides                                            
13.   Robert Keebler's Monthly Slides                                                      
14.   Widget Integrating Website Calendar With Your Personal Calendar                                                     
15.   Quick-Polls Widget In Email Newsletters And Website                                              
16.   Client Portal Integrated With Professional Applications
With FAME, you get much more variation in content topics, including  financial, estate and tax planning. Weekly Update is limited to investing topics.

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333 Jericho Tpke

Suite 119

Jericho, NY 11753

Phone: (888) 274-5755

Direct: (516) 333-0066

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